The activities of the Ministry of Justice are in four major areas:

(i) Law and order initiatives,

(ii) (ii) Law reform and legislation Initiatives,

(iii) (iii) Administration of justice sector,

(iv) (iv) Legal service activities.

These four major areas of activities encapsulate the activities of all the Departments, Agencies and Units under the Ministry of Justice.

The responsibilities of the Ministry include the following:

1. Administration of Justice,

2. Commissions and Tribunals of Inquiry within the State,

3. Administration of Estates and Trustees,

4. Public Prosecution,

5. Law Reform,

6. Legislative Drafting,

7. Relations with the Judiciary,

8. Relations with the Lagos State Judicial Service Commission,

9. Law Reporting and Law Revision,

10. Legal Advisory Services,

11. Civil Litigation,

12. Commercial Law,

13. Compilation, Distribution and Sale of the Annual Laws of Lagos State,

14. Administration of Oaths,

15. Provision of Legal Aid to the poor,

16. Provision of Alternative Dispute Resolution Services (Mediation),

17. Human Rights and Consumer Protection,

18. Publication of Law Reports and Journals,

19. Special Tribunals, Commission and Enquiry,

20. Constitutional matters.

21. Mobile Courts,

22. Relations with the Federal Ministry of Justice,

23. Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies,

24. Relations with the Committee on Prerogative of Mercy,

25. Ratification (Delegated),

26. Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy (Delegated),

27. Lands Registry Administration and Control (Delegated),

28. Consent on Subsequent Transactions (Delegated),

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